KHERSON is no longer available. If you wish to read it, please send donation receipts from a humanitarian charity of your choice to The author will get back to you with a copy. Thank you very much!

If you or a loved one has a personal connection to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the author strongly discourages you from reading this story.

The city of Kherson has fallen into devastation with the occupation of Russian forces. Grocery store shelves are bare, money is no good, and women have been urged to stay at home for their own protection. As the war intensifies these conditions are not likely to improve anytime soon, and humanitarian organizations attempting to help the civilians of Ukraine will need as much support as they can receive. KHERSON has been written, not just as a spiritual successor to the controversial CLEARED AWAY, but as a means of spreading awareness of the very real, very present threat being faced by human beings trapped in their city due to a war they didn’t ask for—especially the threat being faced by female human beings. While this edition of KHERSON is available, all proceeds will be donated to UN WOMEN to help provide support to Ukrainian women and children struggling to survive the invasion of their country.

Length: About 5,000 words